Barrie Konicov and Potentials Unlimited – Subconscious Sales Power

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Barrie Konicov and Potentials Unlimited – Subconscious Sales Power


This limited release version of Sales Power is from our Master Series and is available in the Self Hypnosis Subliminal Persuasion self help MP3 format. Use the creative power of your mind to become a strong, successful salesperson. Attract those people, situations and events that will place you in the right place at the right time to put you in touch with those who want to buy your product. If you desire Sales Power, this Sales Power program can help you find it within yourself. Sales Power is one of our best sellers.

Available in self help MP3.This version of Sales Power is from our limited release Master Series and contains digitally composed stereo music. It seems that, since I purchased it, they’ve now changed the name to just Sales Power. It’s still the same program though.The hypnotist on this recording is Potentials Unlimited founder, Barrie Konicov, who has been recording self hypnosis tapes since the Seventies. One of the true classics, and for me, still one of the very best in the field. Enjoy, use this to improve your sales skills, and prosper!

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