Ben Adkins – Digital Printable Secrets

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Ben Adkins – Digital Printable Secrets

Ben Adkins – Digital Printable Secrets

What You Get:

Part 1: “The Digital Printable Business” from 10k Feet. You’ll get a view of exactly how the entire system works and how to build a 10k/month business selling “Digital Printables” online.

Part 2: How to find a hot market that is ready to buy your “Digital Printable” before you build it. You’ll learn exactly how to find proven opportunities before you ever build your first “Digital Printable”. When you follow this customer finding method, you’ll be absolutely certain that the demand exists and that sales are being made so that you don’t waste any time.

Part 3: How to create a beautiful 1-10 page digital printable from Scratch. You’ll learn exactly how you can create gorgeous downloads that will delight and fill the needs of everyone who buys from you. This section alone is worth 10x what you’ll invest to get inside

Part 4: The Digital Printable Sales Page. You’ll learn exactly how to set up a 3 page website in a single day that enables you to easily sell your “Digital Printables” without having to do any manual fulfillment. They can buy it 24/7 and you sit back and collect payments.

Part 5: Targeted “Digital Printable” Traffic Explained. You’ll discover the exact processes that we use to drive traffic to our Digital Printables and why it makes it dead simple to make sales every day of the week.

Part 6: The 10k Digital Printable Blueprint. You’ll learn the exact process to go from your first sale to 10k/month and discover how you can get there in under 90 days.

Ben Adkins – Digital Printable Secrets Bonus #1: Ben’s Private “Digital Printable Starter” Canva Template. You’ll get access to the exact template Ben uses when he creates a new “Digital Printable” in a new market.

Bonus #2: Ben’s Private “Digital Printable Sales Website” Template. You’ll get access to the exact 3 page website template that Ben uses to Sell and Deliver each of his “Digital Printables” without any ongoring maintence work.

Ben Adkins – Digital Printable Secrets  Bonus #3: Ben’s “Digital Printable Sales from Everywhere” System. You’ll discover 3 more places to sell your Digital Printables without adding in extra work (this takes your business into overdrive once you start selling in multiple locations at once).

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Ben Adkins - Digital Printable Secrets

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