Brittany Berger – Work Brighter Automation Academy

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Brittany Berger – Work Brighter Automation Academy

Make small biz + solopreneurship suck less by putting boring biz shiz on autopilot

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome Letter
  • “Summer Reading”

Module 1: Intro to Automation

  • Module 1 Intro (1:03 )
  • Understanding Automation (8:13 )
  • Getting Started (10:03 )
  • Leveling Up Your Workflows (1:00 )
  • Module 1 Cheat Sheet

Module 2: Learning Basics With IFTTT

  • Module 2 Intro
  • How It Works (8:09 )
  • Best Tasks to Use IFTTT For
  • 50+ IFTTT Recipes for Solopreneurs
  • Module 2 Cheat Sheet
  • Module 2 Homework

Module 3: Getting Advanced With Zapier

  • Module 3 Intro
  • How It Works: The Basics (5:13 )
  • How It Works Part 2: Where Zapier Gets Crazy (8:33 )
  • Best Tasks to Use It For
  • How Solopreneurs Can Use It
  • Module 3 Cheat Sheet
  • Module 3 Homework
  • Live Walkthrough: Multi-Step Zap Example (6:22 )

Module 4: Launch Workflows With Alfred

  • Module 4 Intro
  • How It Works (12:09 )
  • Best Tasks to Use It For
  • How Solopreneurs Can Use It
  • Module 4 Homework
  • Module 4 Cheat Sheet

Module 5: Going Mobile With Workflow

  • Module 5 Intro
  • How Workflow Works (heh) (6:02 )
  • Best Apps to Use It With
  • How Solopreneurs Can Use It
  • Module 5 Homework
  • Module 5 Cheat Sheet

Module 6: Building Habits for Better Automation

  • Module 6 Intro
  • Conducting Productivity Audits
  • BONUS EBOOK: The Productivity Power-Up Audit Workbook
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • BONUS PDF: Most Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Templating Everything
  • BONUS CHEAT SHEET: How to Automate Your Finances to Make and Save More Money
  • BONUS WORKBOOK: Automation Audit

Bonus Module: Implementation Station

  • Cheat Sheet: The First 9 Ways to Automate Your Business
  • Quick Reference Chart: Which Automation App is Best?
  • Awesomely Automated Apps: Best Apps for Your Online Biz
  • Gmail Rules to Get Your Inbox Under Control
  • Avoid Awkward Emails: Email Templates for Solopreneurs

About Your Instructor

Brittany Berger

I’m Brittany, and I’m here to show you how to use automation to take back your day from the dreaded, tiny admin tasks that eat up your time as a solo business owner.

I’ve spent years optimizing and automating systems in my business and personal life – from freelance client management to buying groceries (because #lazy…or smart?).

Now I save hours each week automating the very tasks most solopreneurs complain about most. And you can have my secrets.

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