Cheri Sicard – Comprehensive Cannabis Cooking Course

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Cheri Sicard - Comprehensive Cannabis Cooking Course1Cheri Sicard – Comprehensive Cannabis Cooking Course

Never Waste Weed Again – Make Great Tasting Perfectly Dosed Cannabis Edibles Every Time

Learn how to make edibles for long lasting relief from pain, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, and a whole lot more, even if you have never cooked with cannabis before or have gotten less than perfect results in the past.

The Elephant in the Cannabis Kitchen

There is a single BIG, over-reaching problem that virtually EVEYONE who tries to learn to cook with cannabis has to overcome and it is this:

There is a lot of conflicting, misleading, and downright inaccurate information about cooking with marijuana floating around on the internet and in the press. And bad information can cost you big time!

Bad information can cost you money in wasted weed and other ingredients. Bad information can cost you in wasted time spent making ineffective edibles. And bad information can undermine your confidence that it is even possible to get consistent, predictable results with edible cannabis. (Spoiler alert – it is!) But if all you are trying to do is learn how to make an edible, bad information can cause you to give up before even taking off.

For instance, one of my blog readers had to toss a big batch of marijuana oil in the trash because she had gotten the bad advice elsewhere on the internet of adding water and lecithin while infusing. The lecithin bound the fat to the water and she ended up with an unusable mess.

Another used temperatures that were way too high and ended up with nasty tasting brown butter that had almost ZERO potency.

Sometimes even information from credible sources can still end up biting you in the butt if it isn’t the right the information for you. This happened to one of my You Tube viewers who, on the recommendation of a famous cannachef, spent $500 on a marijuana cooking gadget that he not only did NOT need, it was not even capable of making the strong infusions his health conditions required. Turns out he would have been far better off just using the slow cooker he already owned.

And I have long lost count of all the bad advice about cannabis people have gotten from their friends. Unless your friends are cannabis professionals, or have decades of experience, the advice you get from your friends about edible marijuana is likely to be about as accurate as the advice you got from them about sex back in junior high school.

This happened to me when I first started learning. I got some VERY BAD dosing advice from the friend of a friend that resulted in a group of buddies sleeping through an entire 3-day music festival. Some of them still won’t touch edibles to this day!

If you ever hope to master cannabis cooking it is absolutely essential that you get in the kitchen and try your hand at making edibles BUT (and this but is so big you might as well name it Kim Kardashian), you would do yourself a HUGE favor by learning some of the basic principles of cannabis cooking first.

Doing so WILL save you both time and money as well as build your confidence about how edible cannabis can improve your life.

And edible marijuana CAN can be life changing and it offers some BIG advantages of over other ingestion methods including:

  • Longer lasting – While it takes longer for you to feel the effects of marijuana edibles, they also tend to last longer. This is especially good news if you are dealing with conditions like pain, insomnia, anxiety, and more.
  • Economical – Because you do not need to cook with expensive top shelf cannabis, and because the effects last so long, cannabis edibles are one of (if not THE) most economical ways to take marijuana.
  • Discreet – NOBODY need know the food you are eating is infused with cannabis except you.
  • Highly Customizable and Adaptable – You can add cannabis to most ANY food, not just cookies, brownies, and gummies, so you can medicate and eat the foods you like or that your dietary needs require.
  • Consistent and measurable dosing — When you make your own weed edibles you can always be assured of getting the exact dose that you specifically need, time after time.
  • Make foods with edible THC, edible CBD, or a full spectrum combination of full plant medicine (most recommended).

Learning to cook with cannabis is not difficult but there are some important rules and principles that MUST be learned and adhered to if you ever hope to have success with it. But with so much conflicting and bad information out there how can you learn without making costly mistakes along the way?

Introducing the solution to all your marijuana edibles and cannabis cooking problems in one place:

Once enrolled you’ll get immediate lifetime access to the entire cannabis cooking course, including any future upgrades. Watch the short video lessons on any of your devices any time it is convenient for you from anywhere there is an internet connection. Watch lessons in order for a comprehensive cannabis cooking education, or skip around to the parts you need when you need them.

The online cannabis cooking course is designed modularly so that you can always put your finger on the information you need when you need it. The entire course is a little over 2 hours long but most of the individual lessons are under 5 minutes long, so you can even squeeze them in on a coffee break.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Unlike when I began my journey, there is now a shortcut to wading through mountains of information, some of it good, a lot of it garbage. I already did that so you don’t have to.

I already made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

I already experimented with various techniques and methods to find the easiest most foolproof ways for home cooks to get great results when making infused edibles, so you get great results the first time you try.

All you need to do is watch some short video lessons and start making edibles!

Here’s just some of what you’ll master after taking this course:

Benefit #1 Learn Accurate Dosing

Learn how to dial in your dosing, the trickiest part of cannabis cooking, so that your edibles always carry a therapeutic dose for the person consuming them, no what what their dosing needs are, and everyone’s are different.

Benefit #2 Your Edibles Will Taste Great

I’ll show you how to make great tasting marijuana edibles that you will actually enjoy eating (the 2nd hardest part of cannabis cooking). After all, you’ll never get the benefits of a cannabis edible if you never eat any!

Benefit #3 Master Marijuana Infusions

I’ll show you how to use your stovetop and slow cooker to infuse cannabis into butter, oils, milk, cream, milk substitutes, alcohol, sugar, and salt so that you have maximum versatility when adding cannabis to recipes without having to buy any expensive extra gadgets and butter making “machines.”

Benefit #4 Become a Savvy Cannabis Shopper

Unlock the secrets of the types of marijuana and products you can use for cannabis cooking and how to prepare them including how to cook with flowers, concentrates, and tinctures, along with low cost options like shake and trim, so that you can choose the best options for your needs and budget, increase potency if needed, and improve flavor.

Benefit #5 Extract Maximum Potency

Insure that your edibles will always have maximum potency by teaching you about proper temperature parameters and how to decarboxylate your cannabis.

Benefit #6 Learn How to Cook With CBD

Learn how to cook with CBD, either with or without THC in the mix, for maximum therapeutic benefits without the high.

Benefit #7 Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

I give you TONS of tasty tested marijuana recipes for all kinds of foods, not just candies, cookies and brownies.

Benefit #8 Your Favourite Recipes…On Weeeed!

I teach you how to adapt most any recipe to include cannabis. Mom’s incredible apple pie or Uncle Joe’s famous potato salad? Yep. You can medicate those and most any other food you choose.

Check Out The Full Course Curriculum

Module 1: Understanding Edible Marijuana

  • The benefits you gain by making your own cannabis edibles
  • What you can expect from using marijuana edibles
  • Unlocking the magic of cannabinoids and terpenes

Module 2: Types of Marijuana for Cooking

  • The parts of the cannabis plant you can cook with and how to use them
  • Frugal tips for using every part of the plant
  • Marijuana strains and cooking: Understanding indicas, sativas, and hybrids and other strain considerations
  • The importance of terpenes in cannabis cooking

Module 3: How Temperature Can Make or Break Marijuana Edibles

  • Understanding the maximum and minimum temperature parameters essential to quality THC and/or CBD edibles
  • Decarboxylation: what it is, why your edibles need it, and how to do it

Module 4: Dosing for Homemade Marijuana Edibles

  • Easy ways for you to master the trickiest part of cannabis cooking: dosing
  • How to determine your personal ideal cannabis edibles dose
  • How to determine a reasonable amount marijuana to use for your needs
  • How to accurately estimate THC dosages even when using cannabis that has not been lab tested
  • How to use my dosage calculator tool (included FREE with the course) to calculate the per-serving dosage of THC or CBD in any recipe you make
  • How to calculate edibles dosages when cooking with cannabis concentrates like kief, hash, oils, FECO, etc. as well as with commercially made marijuana butter or oils
  • How improper decarboxylation affects potency, and what to do about it
  • What to do if you or someone you know eats too much marijuana

Module 5: Let’s Cook With Marijuana

  • Five foolproof methods for making marijuana infusions, in both large and small batches, without special gadgets or butter making machines
  • How to infuse butter, coconut, olive and other oil, milk, cream, vegan milks, sugar, and salt with cannabis
  • How to cook directly with flowers without making infusions
  • Easy to make alcohol and oil tinctures
  • Easy mess-free ways to drain and strain infusions
  • Understanding the role of lecithin in cannabis cooking, when and when not to use it

Module 6: Adapting Your Own Recipes for Cannabis Cooking

  • How to turn your personal favorite recipes into THC recipes (or CBD recipes)
  • How to get the dose you need in adapted recipes

Module 7: How to Make Great Tasting Edibles

  • Practical ways to improve the flavor of your homemade weed edibles
  • Using terpenes for gourmet edible experiences along with maximum medical benefits

Module 8: Cooking With Cannabis Concentrates

  • Making sense of the confusing language of cannabis concentrates
  • How to cook with kief, hash, hash oils, isolates, distillates, FECO, and RSO
  • The quick and easy way to make kief

Module 9: Cooking With CBD

  • What to expect from edible CBD
  • How to recognize quality CBD products
  • Effective CBD dosing
  • How temperature and decarboxylation affects CBD cooking
  • How to cook with CBD flowers, oils, tinctures, isolates, and distillates

10 Module 10: Opening a Cannabusiness

  • Practical considerations for anyone wanting to open a culinary cannabis business

About The Instructor, Cheri Sicard

Cheri Sicard was a published, professional writer and food editor when she first got interested in cannabis. At the same time she had just sold her award winning food and travel websites to SheKnows media and found herself between businesses. That fortuitous timing allowed her the luxury of immersing herself in the topic of marijuana and edibles.

Fast forward 20 years and cannabis became Cheri’s livelihood. Her website has become a hub of credible cannabis information and recipes, and she has written three books about the subject, so far.

“Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women,” released in 2015, is a great general guide to marijuana and the cannabis lifestyle that has helped scores of women come out of the cannabis closet.

Her 2012 “Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook” (Z-Dog Media) and 2018’s “The Easy Cannabis Cookbook,” which was released to both public and critical acclaim, have made Cheri one of the world’s most popular marijuana food writers.

Cheri has also turned thousands of home consumers into competent cannabis cooks via her live and online marijuana cooking classes.

Cheri’s cannabis articles can be found in High Times, Kitchen Toke, Civilized, Cannabis Now, Culture, HerbFreedom Leaf, and many more.

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