Darren LaCroix – Own The Stage

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Darren LaCroix - Own The Stage

Darren LaCroix – Own The Stage

What is in it?

We break the coaching form down into the following:

On-Site Preparation – Exactly what Craig and I do when we get to a meeting site
Your: Own the Stage FOUNDATION (For that particular speech)
What the Audience is Thinking
MUST HAVES (27) Are you… the crucial elements that you must have to Own the Stage
MUST AVOIDS (8) Are you… presentation killers that we see all the time!
Slide Presentations: Be careful. Are you…
Your Next Step

All in one clear, simple form!

The value of this is priceless! Craig and I have been coaching for a combined 14 years. Even a year ago (when we shot these DVDs), we only had 29 points to look for when coaching speakers. We’ve added 20 points in the past year!

This checklist combines years of perspective into one form. It’s the most up-to-date coaching form we use ourselves when coaching top executive and fellow speakers at our Boot Camps. This took years to develop, and we’ve included it as part of this program for you.

What will you get inside?

More Than 49 Own The Stage Secrets Finally Exposed!

By the time you finish this program, you will know how to

Use the Own The Stage 49-Point Coaching Checklist
Do the pre-speech work needed to fly over the high bar your audience has set!
Tell captivating stories that make your audience say, “AHA!”
Integrate the 29 delivery strategies to make your speeches unforgettable
Breathe life into your speeches and inspire even your toughest audiences! (Keep reading!)
Keep your audience engaged and glued to the edges of their seats
Avoid the costly mistakes made over and over again by most presenters
Build a message that sticks
Open your presentation with an attention-grabbing punch
Develop content that is rich and rewarding for all of your audiences
Structure your speech to make your audiences TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn)
Quickly and succinctly research your audience the way Darren and Craig do!
…and even more!

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Darren LaCroix - Own The Stage

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