Debbie Frank – Enlightened Astrology Course

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Debbie Frank – Enlightened Astrology Course

You have chosen to order Enlightened Astrology, Phase 1: Discover the Four Corners of Your Destiny

Would you like to receive all 20 sessions of the course?

You ordered the first phase of Enlightened Astrology with four complete sessions. The full course includes 20 sessions in five phases:

Phase 1: Discover the Four Corners of Your Destiny
Phase 2: Make Your Soul Contracts Work
Phase 3: Transform Conflicts into Collaboration
Phase 4: The Law of Attraction and
Phase 5: Written in the Stars

Here’s more on what’s included…

The content of this breakthrough program is simply not available elsewhere. You will not find it in a book or free on the internet. It has been created by celebrated master astrologer Debbie Frank for those of us who value personal transformation, are open to the greater possibilities of life, and know there is more going on around us than meets the eye.

Here’s an overview of how all five phases flow…

This 20-session program was originally presented as a video webinar in five phases, each with four sessions.

Phase 1
Discover the Four Corners of Your Destiny
Session 1 – True North — Sun
Session 2 – Soul Power— Moon
Session 3 – What are you broadcasting?
Session 4 – Ultimate Wellness— Elements

Phase 2
Make Your “Soul Contracts” Work
Session 5 – Your Love Vibration
Session 6 – Making Things Happen
Session 7 – Get Un-stuck
Session 8 – Balance Your Karma

Phase 3
Transform Conflicts into Collaboration
Session 9 – Challenges
Session 10 – Live the Unlived Life
Session 11 – Live the Dream in the ‘Real’ World
Session 12 – Find Gold in the Dark

Phase 4
The Law of Attraction
Session 13 – Open Up to Abundance
Session 14 – When Karma Strikes
Session 15 – Who Are You Attracting?
Session 16 – Open Up Your Comfort Zone

Phase 5
Written in the Stars
Session 17 – Fate versus Destiny
Session 18 – Quantum Leap
Session 19 – The Message of the Universe
Session 20 – Shine Your Star Signature

The synergy between the Law of Attraction & Astrology

Since astrology lets you see the energetic influences coming toward you at any given time, it is in your best interest to look for opportunities aligned with those influences.

Those opportunities are going to be easier to bring to fruition. That’s the like-attracts-like nature of the Law of Attraction.

In the Enlightened Astrology training, you learn how to use those energetic influences to create your future. Actually, because you are working in concert with the energies of the universe, you are really co-creating your future.


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