Debbie Millman – A Brand Called You

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A Brand Called You with Debbie Millman : Everything Else -

Debbie Millman – A Brand Called You


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It takes work to get the work you love. It takes knowing how to interview well, how to communicate flawlessly, how to articulate your own purpose and to simultaneously do this while facing tremendous rejection. Debbie Millman is one of the most influential design minds of our time; an author, educator, brand strategist, and founder and host of the acclaimed podcast Design Matters. In her class you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a meaningful philosophy that will guide your career
  • Present yourself in meetings and interviews
  • Network and standout from your competition
  • Find discipline in your approach to work
  • Sell yourself with more confidence

Are you spending enough time on looking for, finding and working towards winning a great job? Are you doing everything you can—every single day—to stay in “career shape”? What else should you be doing?

Join Debbie and answer these questions you should be asking yourself…



  1. Class Introduction
  2. Defining Brand
  3. Finding Your Mindset
  4. Winning a job vs. Getting a job
  5. Busy Is A Decision
  6. Honing your Mindset
  7. Generators vs. Drains
  8. Developing Your Mission (Statement)
  9. Identifying Table Stakes
  10. Characterizing Leadership
  11. Crafting Your Message
  12. How to Master Presentation
  13. The Importance of Being Trustworthy
  14. How to Achieve Success at your Interview–Part 1
  15. How to Achieve Success at your Interview–Part 2
  16. Artificial Harmony
  17. Developing Your Methodology
  18. How to Get the Interview
  19. Tips on Self Promotion
  20. Email Best and Worst Practices
  21. Creating a Stellar Resume and Cover Letter
  22. Set Big Goals and Final Q&A

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