Derek Drake – The Shogun Method

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Shogun Method

Derek Drake – The Shogun Method


How to use military-grade mind control technology to rule a woman and enslave her

The fastest way to dominate a woman is to control her mind

And it doesn’t matter if you want to meet new women or marry an old person – The Shogun ™ method protects you

This may also be the fastest method for a man to exercise supreme control and dominance over women, without exception …

Less and less known about its existence.

Even the great masters and the Pickup artists have no idea.

I only know it because I stumbled upon this method.

Nearly 10 years ago, completely emotionally ruined by a terrible breakup (and sick of being rejected many times after trying to “go back to the dating scene”) … I did A mission is to “make or die for the fastest and most effective means to control and dominate women that people have never known.”

My year-long mission led me to an extremely secretive group called MKDELTA. This is where forbidden knowledge of Mind Control is freely shared behind iron walls that are closed to the outside world.

MKDELTA members dissected cunning mind control techniques that brought their victims into a cult and turned them into emotional slaves, both physically and mentally. However, I am only interested in a very specific thing …


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