Eric Cheung – Intro to Bonds & Fixed Income Trading

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Eric Cheung - Intro to Bonds & Fixed Income Trading1Eric Cheung – Intro to Bonds & Fixed Income Trading

Explore an insider’s view of the bond market. Learn how bond traders and investors measure returns.

Why You Should Take This Course

  • Get an Insider’s View of Fixed IncomeLearn how bonds are traded on Wall Street from an actual Wall Street trader. Learn how the business is set up and how markets are made.
  • Decode Bond JargonThere is a ton of jargon on Wall Street. We decode the key terms of a bond and practice deciphering a Bloomberg DES screen.
  • Master Bond ReturnsDevelop an intuitive sense of what bond returns should be. What happens to bond prices as yield moves? How do you think about bond returns with a short-term time horizon? Where is the market expecting my bond to yield in the future?

What You’ll Learn

  • OTC Trading
  • Bloomberg DES Screen
  • Coupons vs. Yields
  • Bid vs. Offer
  • Carry & Slide

Course Samples

Where Does Sales & Trading Fit Within an Investment Bank?
Cash vs. Derivatives
Bond Coupons

Course Extras

  • Taught by bankers

    Our instructors are former investment bankers who give lessons real-world context by connecting it to their experience on the desk.

  • Earn a Certification

    Take this course standalone, or, to earn a shareable certification, as part of Wall Street Prep’s Fixed Markets Income Certification Program.


  • Used on the Street

    This is the same comprehensive course our corporate clients use to prepare their analysts and associates.


  • Free Unlimited Access to the WSP Support Center

    Receive answers to questions, free downloads, and more from our staff of experienced investment bankers

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