Guy Cozzi – Interior and Exterior Home Inspection from A to Z

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Guy Cozzi - Interior and Exterior Home Inspection from A to Z

Guy Cozzi – Interior and Exterior Home Inspection from A to Z

Our 5-star rated DVDs have over two hours of video

Don’t let your dream house be a nightmare in disguise! Everything you need to know about Real Estate – from Asbestos to Zoning. This is definitely the best home inspection DVD series on the market. Shows the precise steps to follow to inspect all of the OPERATING SYSTEMS and the INTERIOR and EXTERIOR in a home.

OPERATING SYSTEMS DVD topics include: heating systems (gas, oil, steam, hot water, and hot air heating), air-conditioning, water heaters, plumbing, well water system, septic system, electrical system, gas service, and auxiliary systems. Health Concerns topics including: asbestos insulation, radon gas, and water testing.

INTERIOR and EXTERIOR DVD topics include: roof, chimneys, siding, eaves, gutters, drainage and grading, windows, walkways, entrances and porches, driveways, walls and fences, patios and terraces, decks, swimming pools, exterior structures, wood destroying insects, garage, kitchen, bathrooms, floors and stairs, walls and ceilings, windows and doors, fireplaces, attics, ventilation, insulation, basement/lower level, water penetration.

The real facts other DVD’s don’t tell you! You’ll learn everything that your Realtor doesn’t want you to know. Realtors “sugar coat” the problem conditions in a house in order to close the deal and get paid their sales commission. This is unquestionably the only DVD series of its kind that teaches you how to prevent those pitfalls. You get information that the professionals use to make you an educated consumer enabling you to negotiate a much better price on the purchase, renovation, or sale of your home. Whether you are looking to become a home inspector or just to buy, sell or repair your own home – these DVD’s have it all.

Do you really know the true condition of your home? These DVD’s and books in the “Real Estate from A to Z” series are now being offered at a very large discount via the Internet compared to our normal professional training school prices. As an added bonus, you also get the HIB DVD Companion Guidebook. All homes need to be inspected, appraised and updated for safety hazards, routine maintenance and energy efficiency

Key Benefits

Crucial Advice to Assist You: These DVDs tell you the truth, unlike others that gloss over the hard facts. Aspects of home inspections and real estate investment that tell you the realities so you don’t walk into it with your eyes closed. This information will be invaluable to you in a home purchase, sale or ownership.

Safety Concerns: Eliminate safety hazards to make your home safe for you and your family. Help prevent accidents before they happen! Learn how to identify safety and health hazards around your own home.

In-Depth Inspection Topics: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these DVDs are easy to understand. Get all of the important information you need. Never buy, sell or renovate a home without this! These DVDs cover numerous topics and show the potential repair problems found when buying or selling a home. By identifying any problem conditions before you buy or sell, you’ll be able to negotiate a much better price.

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