Jake & Gino – The Gateway To Multifamily

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Jake & Gino – The Gateway To Multifamily

Discover everything you need to know to expand or diversify your own investments in multifamily real estate investing – even if you’re a new investor or a current investor who wants to elevate your success. This 4-week ‘gateway’ course covers the critical essentials of multifamily investing that includes why apartments are the absolute best investment vehicle to increase wealth and generate passive income, the blocks that are holding you back from investing success, how to implement Jake & Gino’s proven 3-step framework, and so much more!

In this course, you will learn:

  • Discover how apartments are the best investment vehicle to create wealth and generate passive income.
  • Learn how to think outside the box, and discover two key elements that are holding you back from investing: fear and limiting beliefs.
  • We will reveal where you can “find” the money for your deals.
  • All the steps we took to land our first deal, a twenty five unit “mom and pop”.
  • Highlight all your options on how to start your investing career.
  • How to use real estate to create your lifestyle, not a job.
    Learn how to build your own power team to help fuel your growth
  • Create your own personal credibility kit, or business plan, to utilize when raising capital from investors, bankers and private money lenders.
  • Implement our proven three-step framework: Buy Right ,Manage Right and Finance Right. Start investing with confidence.

What are Jake & Gino members saying:

Amongst Multifamily leaders! Success smiles at the prepared! If your looking to get in the business educate yourself about the business! Phenomenal content,value, and people.

Thank you Jake and Gino!

Joe Graziano

Because of J and G I have closed on my 2nd property. Current Portfolio of 26 units !

Giedrius Sulnius

I bought my first 20 units at age 21 thanks to Jake & Gino. From start to end, I did this in less than 12 months by utilizing their platform. Reading their book, I learned each step of the process, from analyzing deals, to making offers, negotiating terms & managing the property. Being able to read & study their processes & techniques gave me the confidence to do it myself.

Abraham Anderson

So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey into multifamily with Jake & Gino and join their amazing community!

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Jake & Gino - The Gateway To Multifamily

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