Jim Camp – Negotiation Coaching Clinic

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Jim Camp - Negotiation Coaching ClinicJim Camp – Negotiation Coaching Clinic

Negotiation Coaching Clinic Six-CD Set

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Want to become more effective at getting what you want? Not just at work, but at home too. You’ll be listening over and over again to these negotiation training CD recordings that are chock full of high, actionable, real-world content. You get two days of a live negotiation training and coaching clinic held by Jim Camp for his clients. You’ll be able to gain valuable insights while negotiation training clients ask Jim Camp real world negotiation questions and he responds. Apply and practice these ideas to your work situations and watch your life change!

Just a few of the negotiation training tips you’ll learn include:

  • What the most dangerous negotiation in the world is
  • How to make you negotiation adversary most comfortable
  • What happens to your negotiations when you have no negotiation training or no negotiation training system
  • The ultimate strength of a professional negotiator
  • The components that are critical for negotiation decision-making
  • What the most dangerous answer in a negotiation is and how to avoid it
  • The ultimate memory tool in a negotiation
  • What you must never have in a negotiation
  • When you should not negotiate
  • How to read your negotiation adversary
  • Who is the toughest person to negotiate with
  • What the greatest weakness is in a negotiation and how to eliminate it
  • How to keep a negotiation from getting stuck
  • How to create the focus that will make you rich
  • What drives negotiation compromise
  • How to keep price from being an issue
  • What the costs of a negotiation are
  • What the greatest mistake we make in negotiations is
  • What the components of a framework for negotiations are
  • Dozens of negotiation training principles, rules, and tools to become a better negotiator

These negotiation training CDs are a great next step after you’ve read the negotiation training books to take yourself to the next level. There is so much content in these negotiation training CDs that you’ll be learning and trying new negotiation ideas for months to come. You’ll be amazed at how you’ll start getting more of what you want!

Want to know the contents of the negotiation training CDs? Here they are:

Disc 1:

  1. Systematic Achievement and Growth
  2. Negotiation, What Is It?
  3. How We Seem to Others

Disc 2:

  1. What We Do Shows How We Are
  2. Comfort, Ours or Theirs
  3. Performing in the Zone, What Is It?
  4. Who Should We Allow to Talk?

Disc 3:

  1. The Most Important Lesson
  2. What We Think We Know
  3. A New Way to Communicate
  4. The Engine of Your System
  5. Only the Average Play Win-Win Negotiation, Give and Take

Disc 4:

  1. Problems and Our Baggage
  2. Their Baggage
  3. What We Want, What Happens Next
  4. Types and The Rules You Must Apply
  5. The Heart of Your System

Disc 5:

  1. The Price of Every Negotiation
  2. Decisions, Decisions, Decision

Disc 6:

  1. OK, Go Ahead, Spill the Beans
  2. The Greatest Negotiation Advantage You Will Ever Have

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Jim Camp - Negotiation Coaching Clinic


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