Jon Sinn – Automatic Approching

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Jon Sinn - Automatic Approching

Jon Sinn – Automatic Approching

“Automatic Approaching” By Jon Sinn It teaches men how to approach the women that they desire. It will help you improve your conversation and approach skills, as well as build your confidence.

Here are some of the areas that were covered

Fearless following-Up
Eliminating procrastination
The elimination of anxiety
Conversation starters / openers

Module 1: How can you eliminate approach anxiety once for all
How to make rejection proof
Install your girl-Get in the mindset
You can use infield techniques to get women interested in you
How to approach women differently
This is how to avoid making a major error when speaking to women
Giving women the confidence they need to have conversations with you
A 4-Part system to eliminate women’s anxiety about speaking
This plan will prepare you for going out with women and helping you to meet them.
Module 2: Stopping your excuses and ending procrastination
The excuse killer technique
Avoiding common mistakes
How to balance your dating and regular life
How to speak to women with a busy schedule
You can stop procrastinating and talk to the women that you want.
How to make it easier for women to reach you
Module 3: Easy conversation starters
Direct openers: How to Deliver them
For women who are curious, there are many ways to open up
Role-play openers should be entertaining and fascinating
Use sneaky openings and charm to persuade women to talk to yours
Conversation starters for getting a woman to sexually excite you
Attractive to women: Body language and opener delivery
Module 4: Fearless Follow-Up
After-conversation mistakes
A strategy to ensure smooth conversation
Infatuation during conversations
Techniques to ignite a woman’s sexual desire
You can flip the script to make women love you
How to get a woman to agree to a first conversation
Moving from the opener to the next topic of conversation
Attracting women with different transitions

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