Jon Yuen – Bottoms Up

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Jon Yuen – Bottoms Up

Is a ten week course and program that aims towards making people better squatters. The specific focus of this particular course is to build the Grace, Grit and Skill necessary to not only keep the heels on the floor, but also move them up from and down towards the ground in a controlled manner as you are squatting – thus freeing up movement of the knees and the rest of the body. This is how you build a solid foundation. This is the Bottoms Up approach. 
  • Clear instructions and demonstrations of all movements, including guidelines for creating your own squat program as well as tips to incorporate the Bottoms Up exercises into your existing program.
  • 15 exercises that have been specifically designed and curated for the purpose of building skill, mobility and strength in your feet, ankles and knees.
  • 41 videos, and notes, for the program and exercises. You also get short form recap videos of all techniques that you can use for quick reference while you are, for example, at the gym.



Expand your range of motion. Improve your ability to open your hips and close your ankles.


Create and maintain tension. Increase the strength and resiliency of your knees and ankles.


Move with ease. Refine the skillful application of your physical qualities.

Course curriculum

Calling all squatches!
Program Guidelines
Phase #1
Phase #2
Phase #3
Phase #4
Phase #5
To be continued..
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“Jon’s squat course has to be one of the best and most creative lower body courses I have had the pleasure of taking!

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