Kenyon Salo – PS60 Training & Resources

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Kenyon Salo - PS60 Training & Resources1Kenyon Salo – PS60 Training & Resources

Access A Trader’s Proven System For Trading Profitably Taught By Our Successful Student, Kenyon Salo

The PS 60 Theory, developed by Dan Shapiro (founder of Access A Trader), has helped several students go from day traders who were struggling or losing money, to confident and consistent alpha traders.

Your Instructor

Kenyon Salo

Kenyon Salo is one of the top trainers, facilitators and keynote speakers in his field of adventure, leadership, team building, sales, inspiration and motivation. Also, one of only five members on the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team. As a worldwide traveler and experience creator he consistently seeks out ways for profitable streams of income and then sharing those success solutions with others that want to do the same. In his off time he loves being a dad to two amazing kids.

Recently, he ventured into day trading and grabbed the bull by the horns. Through his trials and tribulations he sought out a mentor, as he has done in all of his previous success stories, to help guide him to one of the few that succeed.

His constant searching for the best mentor led him to Dan Shapiro of Access A Trader. Immediately, his trading P&L was turned around for the better. Soon thereafter Dan and Kenyon quickly bonded and became friends. They then moved forward with a plan to show others how Access A Trader could successfully and easily help many new, as well as seasoned traders, find the same love they have for the markets and trade to profitable P&Ls.

Course Curriculum

Start Here
  • Welcome! (6:39)
  • Daily Live Webinar Room Etiquette (3:10)
PS60 Process Explained – With Dan Shapiro (AAT Founder)
  • PS60 Masterclass (Aug 2018 Recording) (223:33)
  • PS60 Improvements (Aug 2019 Recording) (232:00)
PS60 Process Setup – With Kenyon Salo (AAT Coach)
  • 1. Introduction (4:12)
  • 2: Setting Up Your Charts (9:28)
  • 3. Daily Rules For Consideration (6:44)
  • 4. Previous Day/Night Preparation (26:49)
  • 5. Buying/Shorting The Tops/Bottoms Of 60 Minute Candles (14:23)
  • 6. Watching The Trade Build (11:40)
  • 7. Taking Gains In The PS60 Theory (8:53)
  • 8. Stop Loss Risk Management In The PS60 Theory (6:17)
  • 9. Mentally Managing Losses (3:29)
  • 10. Summary And Review (5:29)
Pancakes and Pivots: Q&A
  • October 2021 (53:49)
  • November 2021 (72:13)
  • Building a Small Trading Account Q&A (91:18)
  • January 2022 (27:09)
PS60 Process Bonus Training
  • Dan’s Pivot Entry Strategy (May 2018) (15:02)
  • Options Trading With PS60 Q&A Replay (107:59)
  • Swing Trading With PS60 (18:44)
  • Channel VS Price Confirmation (19:17)
  • Options Training With Maciej (AAT Member) (37:32)
  • Crypto Training With Maciej (AAT Member) (42:57)
  • Options Trading For Small Accounts
  • After Hours Strategy (15:49)
  • PS60 Pivot Examples (24:49)
PS60 Process Resources
  • PS60 Chart Setup Walkthrough (thinkorswim) (13:23)
  • PS60 Chart Setup Walkthrough (TradingView) (5:37)
  • PS60 Chart Setup (TC2000)
  • PS60 Terminology Cheat Sheet
  • PS60 Trade Decision Flow Chart
  • Contact Support

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