Kevin Haggerty – How To Successfully Trade My 1,2,3 Strategy


Kevin Haggerty - How To Successfully Trade My 1,2,3 Strategy1Kevin Haggerty – How To Successfully Trade My 1,2,3 Strategy


Now, You Can Be Coached By Kevin Haggerty
As He Teaches And Trains You How To Trade His 1,2,3 Strategy!

Here’s how to trade one of Kevin’s most powerful short-term trading strategies…

Dear Fellow Trader:

Imagine that Kevin Haggerty, former head of trading for Fidelity Capital Markets, is sitting next to you as you trade.

And while he’s sitting next to you, Kevin trains you and drills you relentlessly on how to apply one of his very best strategies. This strategy not only works intraday, but also works on daily bars, weekly bars, and even monthly bars.

Which strategy is Kevin teaching you? One of his most powerful…his 1,2,3 Strategy!

In his top selling interactive training module, “How To Successfully Trade The Haggerty 1,2,3 Strategy,” you will receive this knowledge, training, and much, much more! As you probably know, Kevin ran Fidelity Capital Markets’ Trading Desk. And he has been personally responsible for trading tens of millions of shares over his 30-year career.

Kevin has observed that the 1,2,3 pattern is the one pattern that consistently finds tops and bottoms in all time frames…intraday, daily, weekly, and even monthly!

Now for the first time, you will have Kevin Haggerty teaching you how to trade his 1,2,3 patterns as if he is seated next to you. And in his real-world simulations, he will provide you with the in-depth understanding you need to trade them successfully!

The knowledge and training you will receive from Kevin Haggerty in his interactive trading module is not available anywhere else! This is the only medium in which you will receive bar-by-bar training on 1,2,3s from Kevin himself.

Whether you plan to apply it to daytrading or swing trading, the 1,2,3 pattern is simple to learn. When you are done with Kevin’s course, you will be able to look at any market, in any time frame, and identify and trade this powerful strategy.

How Kevin Will Ensure Your Complete Mastery of His 1,2,3 Strategy

  1. First, Kevin will teach you the three key patterns for identifying market tops and the three patterns for identifying market bottoms in all time frames. You will learn the price behavior that immediately precedes the patterns, what must happen for the pattern to develop properly, and how to identify the bar that triggers the lowest-risk/highest-reward entry.
  2. Then you will learn where to place your initial protective stop and how to trail it as the market moves in your favor, and most importantly — where to exit to in order to maximize your profits. Each of Kevin’s trades are designed to provide you with 2-to-1, 3-to-1, and up to 10-to-1 risk/reward profit potential.
  1. Best of all, once you have a working knowledge of the pattern, Kevin will aggressively train you on the proper application of the 1,2,3 Strategy by working with you through hundreds of real-world bars. You will make your own decisions and Kevin will critique you as you trade each bar. How will he do this?

On each bar you will be asked to make a decision to “Buy”, “Sell” or “Do Nothing”. Each simulation will take you through the trading setup that always precedes the 1,2,3. You will then be tested with Kevin overseeing you on a bar-by-bar basis. This means that as you are in the trade, you, with Kevin’s guidance, will be managing the trade, placing stops, taking profitable pieces off, and finally exiting the trade. No detail of the trade is left out. You will gain valuable experience being able to recognize the pattern, while at the same time actually making trading decisions. By the time you have completed the simulations successfully, you will not only have the working knowledge you need, but you will be ready to take that knowledge and immediately put it to use in your own trading.

1,2,3 Module Content

Kevin’s teaching module consists of two sections. In the first section, Kevin will teach you how to recognize the three 1,2,3 patterns for identifying major market tops and the three 1,2,3 patterns for identifying market bottoms. These include Kevin’s most powerful pattern, the “Shake and Bake.” Then in the second section, you will be trained in real-world trading simulations. Once you successfully complete these simulations, you will be able to apply Kevin Haggerty’s 1,2,3 patterns to your own trading.

Section I: Developing Your Trading Knowledge Of The 1,2,3 Pattern

By the time you finish Part I of Kevin’s teaching module, you will have the ability to…

  • Recognize and trade powerful reversals off market bottoms and tops using Kevin Haggerty’s 1,2,3 pattern. These criteria are precisely defined and unambiguous for three patterns that precede sharp reversals from lows and three patterns that predict steep plunges from highs. Kevin will walk you through numerous examples of 1,2,3s in different markets in both intraday and daily time frames so that you will be fully prepared to apply them to the real world.
  • You learn when, where and how you enter the trade. In every valid 1,2,3 pattern is one bar that gives you the best entry so that you can enter at the beginning of powerful new trend. Kevin teaches you the precise characteristics of this bar and what must happen in order for you to take the trade. With Kevin’s entries, there is no guesswork on your part and all of this knowledge is laid out step-by-step along with clearly illustrated charts.
  • Kevin will teach you what to do in order to potentially make the most money from every trade. You will learn where to place your initial protective stop and how to trail it as the move progresses. By applying Kevin’s proven money management tactics, you will learn how to manage your trade in order to maximize your profits while keeping potential losses small.
  • Do you daytrade? If so, Kevin’s Shake ‘n Bake 1,2,3 pattern will enable you to capture the most important reversals of the day and be able to enter just before momentum explodes. You will enter moves that take off at such high velocity, that once it becomes obvious…pullback traders are shut out of the action or enter late. By then, you’ll already be taking profits.
  • If you swing trade, 1,2,3 patterns will provide you with a new set of entry choices. Now, instead of only focusing on pullbacks within established trends, you will also be able to enter major trends as they are just beginning. By entering these moves earlier, when the momentum is greatest, your risk of getting stopped out prematurely is diminished.
  • Use Kevin’s 1,2,3 pattern over and over again for the rest of your life. You can go back as far as you want through market history and observe how the 1,2,3 pattern consistently predicts major market reversals. In current market action, its reliability has not changed. While no one can guarantee its future performance, the 1,2,3 pattern’s track record makes it one of the most robust patterns you’re likely to ever learn.

Section II: Learn To Apply Kevin Haggerty’s 1,2,3 Pattern Successfully

In the next and final phase, Kevin will provide you with the hands-on training you need to master the 1,2,3 patterns. Using both intraday and daily price charts, you go through a series of trading simulations.

as in real life, you will be in front of your screen watching the price action unfold bar-by-bar. Some of the situations are relatively easy. Others are more challenging. The important thing is this: You will be exposed to the full range of experiences you need in order to be fully prepared to trade 1,2,3 patterns successfully.

At the bottom of your screen you will see the “buy,” “sell” or “do nothing” buttons. You make your decision. Through a pop-up window, Kevin will tell you what he would have done and why. The price action progresses and a new bar appears. You reassess the situation and again make your decision. Again, Kevin will explain his thought process. By repeating this literally hundreds of times, you will develop the skill to instantly recognize 1,2,3 patterns and trade them properly.

Here is what Kevin’s 1,2,3 trading simulations offer you.

  • Think like Kevin, as he drills you over and over again, bar-by-bar. With each new bar that appears, you will be required to make the decision to buy, sell, or do nothing. Using the knowledge you learned from Kevin in Part I, you will decide upon a course of action. When you select the button of your choice, Kevin will not only tell you whether you are right or wrong, but Kevin will reveal his thought process at that moment in time. By repeating this process literally hundreds of times in the simulations, you will learn to think and trade as Kevin does.
  • Learn how to enter trades at precisely the right moment without hesitation. Each simulation will take you through the development of 1,2,3 patterns. As you watch the patterns develop, you will become proficient at recognizing the bar which provides you with the best and earliest low-risk entry.
  • Manage every trade to potentially gain the most profit. The extended high-velocity moves that are characteristic of 1,2,3 patterns require special money management tactics. The goal? To maximize profit by staying in the move as long as possible. Kevin will teach you how to set your initial stop, trail it up as the price action moves in your favor, and scale out of your position at the most strategic points. By doing this, you will be able to maximize your profits on favorable moves and minimize your losses when you are stopped out.
  • Learn to react and take action in the midst of fast-moving price action. You will build the needed confidence to apply Kevin’s strategies in a wide range of situations. Most importantly, Kevin will train you to be aggressive when the most profitable opportunities present themselves. This is especially important in trading Kevin’s most powerful 1,2,3 pattern…the “Shake and Bake” in which you will enter trades during market conditions that most traders don’t have the guts to go into.

The knowledge and training you will receive from Kevin Haggerty in his interactive trading module is not available anywhere else…

And this is the only medium in which you will receive bar-by-bar training on 1,2,3s from Kevin himself!

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