Lee Holden – Qi Gong for the Low Back Workshop


lee Holden - Qi Gong for the Low Back Workshop

lee Holden – Qi Gong for the Low Back Workshop


Learn How to Immediately Relieve Low Back Pain
Your body is more than seventy percent water.

Which makes it interesting that traditional Qi Gong training in China concentrates on water-like movements to build internal energy and power.

These movements are soft, flowing, and continuous—much like the way water ebbs and flows—to strengthen the body and increase balance and flexibility… and they hold the key to a pain-free low back.

Here’s what we mean:

Softness is one of the most important Taoist principles. Some believe it is the only true way that real power can be expressed.

If you doubt the power of softness, consider the softness of water… and how it’s gentle and persistent force will erode even the highest peaks over time.

Water is relentless. It doesn’t stress or get anxious when it reaches a dam. It simply finds a new way to flow.

This is the key to a pain-free low back: moving and flowing like water.

When you move and flow like water, you release pent-up tension and tightness in the muscles of the low back… allowing them to move freely and without pain.

In fact, these soft, flowing movements counteract all the common causes of low back pain including a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and lifting without proper form.

Like water eroding a mountain, the gentle movements seep into the tight muscles of your back until back pain naturally wears down and disappears.

In Qi Gong for the Low Back You Will…
– Use soft, flowing, water-like movements to gently release tightness, tension, and pain in the low back.
​- Learn simple but highly effective Qi Gong exercises to quickly release low back pain so you can immediately relieve pain whenever you need to.
​- Leading a sedentary lifestyle, having poor posture, and lifting without proper form are the most common causes of low back pain. You’ll learn how to counteract each of them.
– Learn how to relieve and even reverse years of wear and tear on your back resulting in chronic, unrelenting back pain.
– Discover how to increase your balance, strength, and level of energy with simple, easy-to-follow movements anybody can use.

Learn How to Help Your Low Back with Qi Gong

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