Meet Kevin – Stocks & the Psychology of Money

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Meet Kevin – Stocks & the Psychology of Money

Meet Kevin – Stocks & the Psychology of Money

You’ll Learn Essential Long-Term Wealth Building Lessons Like…

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations
  • Stock Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Family Finance
  • Negotiating Raises
  • Passive Income
  • Employment Tricks and Hacks
  • Tax suggestions and Strategies for Retiring Early
  • And much more…

And watch my trades LIVE as I make them!

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Bonus #1

How To Use “Analysis Paralysis” To

Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

Ever feel like you’re overwhelmed with work… stressed out about finances… or maybe even depressed about your current situation?

It’s been proven over and over again…

You don’t find happiness by becoming wealthy…

But you can create wealth by being happy.

So this bonus is all about the strategies I use to INSTANTLY BREAK FREE of that paralysis and move on with a productive (and happy) day.

Not all of these tricks will work for everyone…

But with 8 full modules to pick from, I guarantee at least a few of these will take you from bored to PUMPED in a heartbeat.

Bonus #2

How To Start A Business With CASH-FLOW On Practically Day UNO

There’s a full section in this course about how to negotiate with your boss for a higher salary.

That’s incredibly important…

But one way to increase your salary is to get rid of needing your boss altogether — to start your own business.

It’s the American way.

But 90% of startups fail within their first 2 years, for a stupidly simple reason…

Because for long term success, it’s important to start a business the RIGHT way.

So when a 17-year old girl asked me how to start her first business…

I told her to ignore most of what she’d learned already, and gave her 9 short lessons that nearly-promised her business would be successful.

Well, now you’ll get those 9 easy to follow videos to help kickstart your business today.

Follow these simple steps, and your business could start paying you on DAY 1.

Bonus #3

The Perfect Fundamental

Analysis Blueprint

This course runs from simple to advanced…

And here’s where our stock analysis gets serious.

But “Advanced” doesn’t have to mean “difficult.”

For starters, you’ll get a hands-on demonstration of my #1 simplest “green light” for any stock.

All you have to do is click one link, type in the ticker symbol, enter a 3 digit code…

Then you’ll find out immediately if a stock should potentially be on your “buy list.”

It’s that simple.

Then we’ll get into the nitty gritty.

I’m talking about my fundamental analysis approach that’s behind what convinced me to make TSLA my top position years ago.

Bonus #4

Advanced Stock Trading, Margin, & Options

In this bonus I take you for a deep-dive on one of my favorite money making strategies:


Now you may know 90%+ of my investments are built for long term growth…

But that’s even true with options.

It’s the opposite of how most people see this speculative strategy…

But it works for me — and I’m confident it will work for you too.

So I’ve laid out my exact strategy you can follow to start becoming a profitable options trader…

Along with full lessons on Stock Margins, Momentum Trading, Technical Analysis and Other Trading Strategies.

This is a new section, and I’m still adding more content…

So stay tuned for even more value in the coming weeks.

And speaking of top value…

Bonus #5

Access To The Member-Only Live
Streams & Private Discord Server

This is where the magic happens.

Live streams? YEP

Live trading? CHECK

Ask me a direct question? YOU GOT IT

Live advice from a generous community who are very familiar with this course? ABSOLUTELY

So if you’ve got a question…

If you’ve got a burning issue in your life and you want some advice from me…

My private livestreams are what you’re looking for.

Plus I get to see what ideas you’re interested in, so I can create lectures or expand this course to fit your needs.

And of course, you’ll get…

Bonus #6


This bonus is as simple as it is HUGE.

When you sign up for this course, you get access to my trades AS I MAKE THEM. You’ll get an almost instant alert when I buy or sell a stock or crypto asset.

That means you can jump into specific trades right alongside me.

Obviously, I can’t guarantee every trade will be a winner for me… (they won’t all be winners, but hopefully most will be)

But if you want to learn how I trade — this is the best way to get started.

(Plus you know I do some serious research for each trade, so you’re only getting high quality information).

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  • Lifetime access to all current and future lectures to learn the principles
  • Access to the private discord channels to be supported in the community
  • Access to member-only livestreams to adapt to current conditions
  • Access to buy & sell alerts to see exactly what Kevin is trading in his portfolio

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My most popular course: Master Stocks and The Psychology of Money The ULTIMATE Course to grow your net worth, generate passive income, watch me trade LIVE, and enjoy life NOW

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis, Company Valuations
  • Stock Trading, Stock Margin, Options, Technical Analysis
  • Family Finance
  • Negotiating Raises
  • Passive Income
  • Employment Tricks and Hacks
  • Tax Ideas and Strategies for Retiring Early
  • And much more…
  • Bonus #1: Starting Out: Productivity SecretsThe 8 Psych-Strategies I use to de-stress my brain and have a productive day — every day. Mindset is everything!
  • Bonus #2: Starting a BusinessThe same guide I gave my sister… Exactly how to start a business the RIGHT way… and jumpstart your cash flow on DAY 1.
  • Bonus #3: Advanced Stock Fundamental Analysis“Advanced” doesn’t have to mean “hard.” This is my big-brain stock analysis strategy that even a newbie could follow.
  • Bonus #4: Options Strategies and MoreThe crew in Discord asked for it… so I’ve recorded a MASSIVE series on Options the Meet Kevin way… plus FULL training on Stock Margins, Momentum Trading, Technical Analysis and Other Trading Strategies.
  • Bonus #5: Lifetime Access to My Private Live Streams & Discord ServerIf you want to catch my live stock analysis on my private live streams, ask questions, or just want to hang out with like-minded people… this is the place to be!
  • Bonus #6: Free Unlimited Access To Buy & Sell Alerts For Trades I MakeJust like it says. I’ll bring you in right when I make a trade, explain my strategy, so you know exactly what I’m doing in my own portfolio. We’ll even do some of these live together.


Meet Kevin – Stocks & the Psychology of Money

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