Mr Twenty-Twenty – Feel It Real Powerpack

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Harvard - Psychology of Leadership - Tal Ben-Shahar (2006)2

Mr Twenty-Twenty – Feel It Real Powerpack

  • Because I wasn’t getting results as fast as I wanted, I used to wonder if I was doing my sessions right, or if there was ANY WAY I could do them better.
  • So I started listening INTENTLY to over 100 hours of Neville’s recordings, and reading the 221 lectures we give away on the site. Taking notes, diagramming out what I learned, applying it as best I could.

IMG_1742It took me over 2 years of research – hard work, to put together what you are about to learn in the Feel It Real PowerPack.

In it, you are going to learn how to eliminate the mistakes many people make in their sessions, because they don’t know Neville like we do. Most of the mistakes people make are very subtle. (That’s also why they are hard to kick, until you see them for what they are, nice sounding yet inaccurate fluff.)

You are also going to learn how AND HEAR how we do a SIMPLE SESSION with Neville’s original intent and methods.

What it comes down to is this, in the next hour or so, you are going to learn how to do a simple – well structured Feel It Real Session, so you get the results you want, without having to invest the next two years sorting it all out.

Here are some of the highlights…

…from your Neville Goddard Feel It Real Power Pack:

  • Details matter. The Right Details. But maybe you’ve noticed too, that if you have too many details (or focus them in the wrong place) then details actually backfire and prevent you from feeling it real, and that of course slows down you getting the results you want. You’ll learn where to put details – and where not to.
  • You’ll learn what cutting edge neuro science reveals about “the state akin to sleep”, why practicing with it is vital to your success, and you will learn how to enter into it easily, and also why many people resist it.
  • You will learn there are 3 simple shifts you can make today – that guarantee you are experiencing your sessions FROM the state of the wish fulfilled, as a participant – and not as a spectator. Do this wrong, and you’ll see other people getting your blessings.
  • You will know exactly how to create the most amazing and powerful states – we call them “mix states” inside your imagination – greater than any you have experienced before – so fully real that you will find it easy to live from the state of the wish fulfilled in just a few sessions. (There are two parts to this, one involves using your SINGLE ACT in a very specific way, and the other is to always add in TWO very specific foundational states that Neville doesn’t always talk about real often.)
  • You will learn how to create an outcome for your sessions, that makes them better than hypnotic – states that not only feel great, but create great changes in your circumstances and in your behavior.
  • You will know the EXACT three steps we teach live – that eliminate ANY AND ALL negative imaginings in seconds. Just a little practice and you’ll find worry and anxiety are a thing of the past.
  • We have a very creative way that we use creative conversations in this course, that we have ever heard Neville mention JUST ONCE. Odds are you don’t know it, but once you do – you will add in this solid gold nugget into every session you do.
  • Learn the THREE expressions we use daily, that bring us INSTANTLY back into the state of the wish fulfilled. We used these wildly last weekend, while we were manifesting plants for dimes on the dollar at a local rare plant show. You should see our nursery behind our home. Jam packed with beautiful plants and trees we will be planting for weeks!
  • What ONE sense do you need to include in your sessions, that most people never think about? (Neville’s brother did this all the time, and he built a multi million dollar reality with it.)
  • Much much more, is in this program. Almost 90 minutes of no fluff recordings. 33 pages of print outs. And a lifetime of pure transformational power.

“Finally, I feel rock solid with my sessions. What you have shared here gave me complete clarity on how to create sessions that work. Thank you!”

What’s it worth to finally know how to exactly do a session that works? (BONUS: The Simple Session Recording is a 5 minute SUPER SESSION, where we gently guide you in a session – step by step with what you have learned in the package.

  • Almost 90 Minutes of Feel It Real Training Audios – Mr Twenty Twenty live.
  • The 33 Page FEEL IT REAL Handbook.
  • Neville Goddard in His Own Voice – IMAGINING – 45 MINUTES

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Harvard - Psychology of Leadership - Tal Ben-Shahar (2006)1

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