Nick Kemp – Provocative Change Works for Anxiety

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Nick Kemp - Provocative Change Works for Anxiety,

Nick Kemp – Provocative Change Works for Anxiety

Anxiety Masterclass
Use Provocative Change Works (PCW) for Anxiety
Nick Kemp’s 1 day workshop

1st September 2018 @ Holiday Inn Express, Snow Hill Birmingham, UK, B4 6HY

Are you a therapist or professional who deals with clients with anxiety related issues?

Learn how to help your clients by using Nick Kemp’s Provocative Change Works (PCW) Model. This innovative approach has been proven to be highly effective in working with anxiety.

Do you suffer with anxiety?

Come along to the workshop and learn new strategies to deal with anxiety and take control of your life.
In this Anxiety Masterclass you will learn:

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What is anxiety?
How is this problem state created and maintained?
Common mistakes in treating anxiety issues
The difference between anxiety and phobias
Using PCW stances to challenge and change unhelpful client beliefs
PCW voice tempo approach to change internal dialogue
Identifying the anxiety pattern and changing the ingredients than maintain the problem state
How to use trance work and time frame to create a useful feedback loop for the client

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Nick Kemp - Provocative Change Works for Anxiety


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