Nobsdaytrading – No BS Eurex Webinar Course


Nobsdaytrading - No BS Eurex Webinar Course

Nobsdaytrading – No BS Eurex Webinar Course

Grasp the big picture of Eurex market with No BS Eurex Webinar Course from No BS Day Trading

The main European futures and options market is the Eurex Exchange, an international exchange that predominantly trades European-based derivatives. This exchange trades everything from German and Swiss financial securities to European equities and numerous market indices. All transactions on Eurex Exchange are cleared by Eurex Clearing, which serves as a central counterparty for multi-asset class clearing of the aforementioned exchange-traded products as well as over-the-counter traded products.

These introductory films help you understand the principles and principles before witnessing the tactics in action. Each live session contains comments that highlight the timings of trades and specific price activity that was deemed significant that day. There are also trade review videos that deconstruct each deal and guide you through it from beginning to end. No BS Day Trading’s No BS Eurex Webinar Course will teach you how orders influence the market, allowing you to effortlessly discover high and low volume locations. All trades are discussed in great length, and there are many question and answer parts, as well as some interesting conversations and a large amount of material that is not included in the basic course or on this website.

You can download all the video materials of No BS Eurex Webinar Course to your computer and learn everything from your favorite place, at your own pace.


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