Olivia Bryant – Initiation 2.0

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Initiation 2.0Olivia Bryant – Initiation 2.0

Ignite sacred sexual energy and embody the truth of your essence. This is your initiation into sacred wisdom, original power and life-changing orgasm.

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Course Homepage

  • Course overview
  • Facebook group access
  • Support Calls Nov – Dec 2022
Module 1: The Descending Current
  • Class 1
  • Anatomy
  • Introduction to the Practises
  • Pelvic Presence & The DC
  • Cultivating MotherSense / Protector
  • The Cervical Sigh Redux
  • Journal
  • REPLAY: Movement integration
Module 2: The Initiation
  • Class 2
  • Introduction to Practise
  • Honouring Ritual
  • ing the Inflow & Taking Touch (redux)
  • Breast Worship
  • Breathing the Initiation (replay)
  • Journal
Module 3: Seeing the Dark
  • Dance Ritual (start here or excerpt below: replay)
  • Excerpt: Dance of the Dark G
  • Class 3
  • Seeing in the Dark Meditation
  • Communicating with the Cervix
  • First Touch Ritual (replay)
  • Journal
Module 4: The Art of Receiving
  • Class 1 with Robyn Dalzen
  • Class 2 with Robyn Dalzen
  • PDF homework
Dark G Council Meeting (up for one month only!)
  • Final thoughts and intro
  • DJ Set by Sam Morgan

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