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Commercial Real Estate: A Strategic Road Map for Building Wealth

In Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate, Ray Alcorn shares a lifetime of experience in dealing with many of the most profitable property types in the investment real estate arena.

Written from a hands-on, real-world “dealmaker’s” perspective, this book provides invaluable information about how to identify opportunities, determine property value, acquire, finance, and manage commercial real estate.

Ray has closed over $50 million in commercial real estate deals in the last five years alone. Ray believes that the secret to building wealth in real estate is in developing a personal strategic plan. This book explains–in detail–his methods on how to structure deals and perform due diligence.

This text is HUGE: 532 pages PLUS three (3) Appendices and an Index for cross-reference! After you’ve read it cover to cover, you will refer back to this course time and time again for every future deal you do. It is thatcomprehensive and complete.

Build a Portfolio of Commercial Real Estate with Guaranteed Cash Flow, Accelerated Appreciation, Maximum Equity Growth and Maximum Tax Benefits.

Some “rave reviews” from Ray Alcorn’s students:

“There are only a handful of investors who are able to walk on water. You’re one of them! I cannot begin to thank you for things–knowledge–you have given me. Just wanted you to know that you affect lives and change destinies!”

–Bill Cook, Adairsville GA

“Ray, fantastic book. A real tour de force for anyone who wants to be in this business. If I had it 15 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of mistakes. Highly recommended.”

–Bob Harper, CRE Online Newsgroup

“Folks, this is better than a Danielle Steele, Louis Lamour, Tom Clancy or Nancy Drew (take your pick!). A real page turner. It is so solid, so filled with real info, explanations, and strategy that not only am I beginning to see inside a banker’s head, but beginning to look forward to doing another business plan! (Cut my tongue out.–did I say that?) Do yourselves a favor and get hold of the Guide BEFORE you find yourselves with a hot deal in front of you and no idea how to handle it.”

–Carol K., Florida

“As a recent purchaser of Ray’s latest material, I strongly recommend Ray’s recent masterpiece Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate as the detailed answer source to most of the questions in the area of commercial real estate investing.”

–Mike Cheatwood

Here is just a tiny sampling of what you’ll learn:

• How to get your financial house in order (a personal financial statement template)

• How to raise cash for your deals

• How to choose a management company

• Market analysis: How to find hot spots and sleeper opportunities

• How to analyze all types of commercial property

• How to develop your criteria for investment properties

• How to find deals at auctions

• How to negotiate the most favorable contracts

• How to perform due diligence on commercial properties

• How to value a property: Why “What’s it worth?” is the wrong question!

• How to structure deals and make offers that are too good to be turned down

• Where to find financing sources

• What types of loans are available and how to get them

• How to write a business plan and loan proposal

• How to develop a strategic plan to pyramid wealth

• And much, much more

Table of Contents

Appendix A: DealMaker’s Rules

Appendix B: Credit Rating Criteria

Appendix C: Capital Budgeting Techniques

Bonus Chapter: Tax Planning & Entity Selection by John Hyre, Esq., CPA. (Once you make money, how do you keep it?)

Forms CD: All the checklists, forms, and contracts Ray uses in his day-to-day investing:

      • Personal Financial Statement Template
      • Property Profile and Analysis Form
      • 101 Management Company Questions
      • Personal Investment Criteria Checklist
      • Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention Agreement
      • Confidentiality Agreement
      • Letter of Intent
      • Purchase Agreement
      • Due Diligence Checklists
      • A Loan Calculator
      • A Derivative Cap Rate Calculator
      • Plus, all of Ray Alcorn’s time-tested contracts

Learn from Ray Alcorn’s lifetime of experience. Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate is the definitive tome on commercial real estate. It is a “must have” for experienced investors who want to build long-term, substantial wealth. Order yours today!!

For a limited time Ray has agreed to make his just-released 2011-2012 Commercial Real Estate Forecast available FREE with the purchase of this comprehensive home study course, Dealmaker’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate.

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