Rich Schefren – Outfox Your Flaws

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Rich Schefren – Outfox Your Flaws

Rich Schefren hasn’t always been successful. For one thing, he’s a self proclaimed procrastinator, perfectionist and is clinically diagnosed with ADD. According to Rich, what enabled him to break out of those limitations was figuring out how to “out-think” his flaws. And once he did – success just seemed to flow!

But just to be clear: He never “cured” his procrastination, perfectionism or ADD.

Like the most successful entrepreneurs we look up, he succeeded DESPITE his Flaws. This program is simply about working around your hang-ups and not getting stuck with trying to change you.

30 minutes long and jam-packed with remarkable mental strategies and shortcuts that you can start using immediately. Includes training on how to set up external pressures, unconventional deadlines, and 5 more tactics.

Infomation Overload
Review on information overload, plus eight techniques to eliminate information clutter and allow you to pinpoint exactly what knowledge you need. Pick the gold out of all the trash you’ve accumulated, and know what to use first, and what to file for later use.

For those days when you have half the time, twice the work, and at least 10 other personal things on your mind. But you let yourself get distracted instead of knocking out your list. We have the ways to help you stay focused and motivated.

It’s for anyone who is their own worst critic. It’s for those of us who get stuck on projects because we believe they could always be better if we just learned one more thing. Almost everybody shows some signs of perfectionism.

Every entrepreneur wears plenty of hats, and frankly, sometimes it’s just too much. If you’ve just got too much on your plate, and you’re having trouble deciding what to do first…use these 7 different tactics to get everything on your To-do list done every single day of the week.

Lack of Focus
If you have a “to-do” item you can’t get done… or you have long-past overdue projects just staring you in the face, you might want to watch this video first. You’ll get 7 techniques for attaining razor-sharp focus, so you can start knocking back overdue tasks, and start finishing those projects way ahead of their deadlines.

Lack of Clarity
We break down simple techniques, such as reverse engineering, modeling and 6 other proven methods we’ve collectively discovered and used in our own businesses to figure out what to do when your business is at a crossroads.

Self Doubt
If a task that was once challenging becomes something that stops you from moving forward, you might be letting self-doubt stand in your way. If you let it hamper your business, it can lead to a downward spiral.

Outfox distractions. Many of us find ourselves just driven crazy by distractions. Never again will distractions get in the way of your to-do list—and more importantly, your bottom line.

Time Management
Have you ever estimated that a task would take you just 30 minutes and then ended up spending more than 2 hours on it?
This module challenges the way you think about how you use your time.

The Wrap Up
All together, you’ll get actionable strategies from six experts in central aspects of business… more than 50 strategies that you can start using instantly to turn your flaws into your greatest strengths. To sum up, these videos contain the most effective strategies to bypass common obstacles that even the most successful business owners deal with every single day.

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