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If you’ve got one product or service to sell, you don’t have much of a headache

But let’s say you have two, or three products.

Or like us at Psychotactics, well over twenty-five different products and services.

What do you do then?

You provide direction

Direction like you see at any airport in the world.

The reason why you do things in a sequence at airports, isn’t because you’re so darned brilliant. You do things in a sequence, because the folks at the airport have worked it out. They’ve worked out that if they put a sequence in place, you’d follow the sequence.

Businesses have no such sequence

Karate has a sequence.

Religions have a sequence.

And airports have a sequence.

At any point you not only know where you are, but also where you need to go next

Now look at the products and services you sell in your business.

Do you have a sequence in your business?

And if you do have a sequence, does the customer know where they are in the sequence? The answer is mostly likely, that even if you do know the sequence, the customer doesn’t have a clue.

And here’s what confused customers do

They sit and ponder.

And then they leave.

The bold ones may actually zap you an email, but most customers simply get foxed, and leave your site. And that’s costing you a lot of dollars in the bank, my friend. Because not only are the customers avoiding the current product, but they’re walking away from future products/services in the sequence as well.

So your question is: How do you design a sequence?

And hey, listen to the audio below as well. It will enlighten you about how to go about making sure you have a simple, yet robust sequence in place.

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