SMB Lockeinyoursuccess – apm2 Program By John Locke

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SMB Lockeinyoursuccess – apm2 Program By John LockeSMB Lockeinyoursuccess – apm2 Program By John Locke

APM2 stands for Advanced Position Management and Advanced Personal Management two very important topics together! In May 2015 we had a live seminar for the APM2 program and it was FANTASTIC!

If you have significant experience with the M3 strategy, seize this opportunity and break free.

This program will include:

  • Trading Psychology focused on dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Proper back trading and using back trading to evaluate and improve your performance
  • Managing the T+0 line using strategic options placement
  • Efficient use of capital – Trading twice the size with the same capital
  • Efficient and alternative trade adjustments
  • Trade execution and live examples
  • Gradually and synthetically re configuring positions back and forth from M3 type position to any of ROCK configurations
  • Lots and lots of examples
  • And much, much more!!!!

Study on your own schedule! The on-line program consists of sixteen videos with over eleven hours of instruction and six detailed power points which will give you the squared edge. Use unique self-study tools and resources to learn the techniques of top traders.

APM2 Student Picture - May 2015APM Seminar-BB to Rock

Strong friendships are built at seminars! Almost a year after the APM2 seminar in Manchester, New Hampshire David Heinzen, Venkat Yerubandi, & Stephen Hammit met in Dallas, Texas to talk about options strategies and the greeks. Great to see such great support!

David Heinzen, Venkat Yerbandi & Stephen Hammit-4.14.16-Dallas one year later

Break free and start today – $1,995!


Testimonials from the APM2 Seminar students:

“It is difficult to write a testimonial for John Locke, but not for the reasons one would imagine. When you start writing all the superlatives, the natural reaction of someone reading the testimonial is to think this cannot all possibly be true. All I can tell you is that every word is true. John is truly one of the best educators/mentors in the business. He not only provides a theoretical analysis and base for option trading, but he is personally an active trader trading his own money and knows the realities and actual nuances of the market. Taking a program from John is always a rewarding and educational experience. Not only is the material presented in a clear understandable fashion, but real world examples are provided. The great thing is that the education does not end with the end of the program. John is always available to answer questions and respond to emails, as well as providing mentoring services. I have never worked with anyone as accessible as John and who truly wants to help you learn and progress as much as John does. John is not all about the money, but is about your learning and becoming more successful as an options trader. If you train and learn with John, you will not be disappointed.” Jeffrey S.

“The methods John teaches are extraordinary. They allow you to be in control of the trade.” Bob D.

“Before John and learning his strategies I was a hit and miss trader. After learning from John I have been consistently profitable and a more confident trader. John’s a great guy that truly cares about his students’ success, a rarity in this business.” Jarrod M.

“Spending time with John has greatly reduced my learning curve and helped me become a consistently profitable trader.” Tom T.

“If you want to take your trading to the top level of retail options trading, then Locke In Your Success is the only choice – period.” Stephen H.

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