Steve Maxwell – Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility


Steve Maxwell - Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility1

Steve Maxwell – Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility

World Class Fitness Trainer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt Steve Maxwell takes you through an incredible journey of Joint Mobility Drills designed to strengthen, protect and improve your joint health from head to toe through range of motion. Your body will realize its full potential as a well oiled machine by adding these important exercises to your routine. A must have for any athlete looking to gain the upper hand against injuries and body wear and tear.
VOLUME 1: Intro to Joint Mobility
VOLUME 2: Neck Series
VOLUME 3: Shoulder Series
VOLUME 4: Elbow, Wrist, Hand & Finger Series
VOLUME 5: Spine & Lower Back Series
VOLUME 6: Hip Mobility
VOLUME 7: Toe, Foot, Ankle & Knee Series
VOLUME 8: Spinal Rocking Series
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Steve Maxwell - Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility2

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