StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals

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StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals

StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals


In case civilization is temporary®, learn how to get a powerlifting quality strength workout anytime, anywhere, using only your bodyweight as resistance.

The StrongFirst Bodyweight Fundamentals Course will teach you how to:

  • Dramatically increase your strength by “upgrading your muscle software” with our proprietary techniques that harness various reflexes and neurological phenomena.
  • Keep getting stronger by building better “hardware”—dense muscle that is as strong as it looks.
  • Develop muscle wisdom to apply your newly gained strength to modalities other than your bodyweight: the kettlebell, the barbell, a rock, you name it.
  • Progress from zero to hero in these ultimate fundamental exercises:
    • ONE-ARM PUSHUP—build crazy strength that totally carries over to any pushing motion—pressing a kettlebell or a barbell, keeping a lineman at bay in football, you name it
    • TACTICAL PULLUP—an all-terrain strength developer and a magnificent muscle builder
    • PISTOL—the ultimate mix of lower body mobility, strength, and muscle that does not chafe
  • Train your abs for bulletproof superstrength that carries over to all exercises.
  • Program the above into an effective plan that suits your level, goals, and schedule—using two foolproof Russian tactics.

“Solid technical instruction as expected. Thanks to the StrongFirst community for promoting meaningful physical readiness training.”
Dr. Ed Thomas,
former Doctrine Writer and Instructor at US Army Physical Fitness School, Fort Benning, US Army Infantry, 1967-69, Judo Sandan

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