Susan Su – Ultimate Email Playbook

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The Ultimate Email


No more stone-cold rejection, or worse radio silence.

43 email scripts from best marketers on the web:

  • Welcome campaigns that train them to open
  • Activation drips that wake up cold leads
  • Conversion messages that they can’t resist

It’s like my hollywood tell-all.

The Full Table of Contents

Except there’s way more in the Playbook.

  1. Welcome Emails
  2. Template 1 Welcome email: basic template
  3. Template 2 Welcome email: “Surprise free download”
  4. Template 3 Welcome email: “Just hit reply”
  5. Template 4 Welcome email: “Welcome to my content list”
  6. Template 5 Welcome email: “Remember us?”
  7. Template 6 Welcome: “a personal hello”
  8. Activation emails
  9. Template 7 Activation email: “want any help?”
  10. Template 8 Activation email: didn’t complete
  11. Template 9 Activation email: “Activated but didn’t buy”
  12. Template 10 Activation email: “didn’t buy AGAIN”
  13. Template 12 Activation email: “Activate last call”
  14. Template 13 Activation email: “Trial to paid”
  15. Resend to non-opens messages
  16. Template 14 Resend to non-opens – fwd you’re invited
  17. Template 15 Resend to non-opens
  18. Template 16 Resend to non-opens
  19. Reactivation Messages
  20. Template 17 Reactivate: “Are you still at that job?”
  21. Template 18 Reactivate: “hey, still doing __?”
  22. Template 19 Reactivate: “still doing __?”
  23. Cold emailing for B2B — OPENERS
  24. Template 20 B2B emails: “Free trial”
  25. Template 21 B2B emails: “great results, want the same?”
  26. Template 22 B2B emails: “Who’s the right contact?”
  27. Template 23 B2B emails: “How he did it”
  28. Template 24 B2B email: “Strategy session, no cost”
  29. Template 25 B2B emails: “Fwd: you’re invited”
  30. Template 26 B2B emails: “Request your free assessment”
  31. Template 27 B2B emails: “Have you tried this yet?”
  32. Template 28 B2B Emails: “the tactics that no longer work”
  33. Template 29 B2B emails: “Triple digit conversions”
  34. Template 30 B2B emails: “Serving your peers”
  35. Referral Messages
  36. Nurture Messages
  37. Template 32 Nurture Emails: “Please don’t forward”
  38. Template 33 Nurture Emails: “The tactics that no longer work”
  39. Template 34 Nurture Emails: “The Market is Heating Up”
  40. Template 35 Nurture Emails: “Thanks and quick question re: growth”
  41. Template 36 Nurture Emails: “See What They’re Saying About You”
  42. Template 37 Nurture Emails: “Where do we send your free sample?”
  43. Partnerships
  44. Template 38 Partnership & B/D Email: “Let’s partner – 10k reach”
  45. Investors
  46. Template 39 Investor Emails: “Investor intro”
  47. Template 40 Investor Emails: “Like your portfolio co X but for Y”
  48. Mobile
  49. Template 41 Mobile app emails
  50. Template 42 Upsell Emails: “Your order confirmation”
  51. “The Hard Sell”
  52. Template 43: “The Hard Sell”
  53. Conclusion

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