Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers

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Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting For Writers

Tim Denning – Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers

Most online writing is ignored.

Every day, a flood of hopeful writers hop on the Internet.

A few will succeed (and we’ll talk about their secrets shortly).

The vast majority will fail.

Even if they get followers, they can’t turn them into subscribers. And even if they get subscribers, they can’t turn them into customers.

One friend of mine collected 450,000 followers across various platforms. He lives that writer life. Butt in chair. Fingers on keyboard. Thinking, editing, publishing. Every single day.

My friend transitioned to full-time writing 18 months ago but…

His dreams are now hanging by a thread.

The economic tide turned. The money pile shrunk. He doesn’t know how to get more. It’s a tragedy to think he might trudge back to the cubical.


Another friend of mine has half the following of my first friend.

He picked up writing much later in life. He’s a decent creator, but his stuff is not quite as good as my first friend.

But the thing is…

This second friend recently crossed two million dollars in revenue. He moved to a bigger house. He paid off lingering debts. Until further notice, his only job is to create.

What’s strange is…

My first friend works WAY harder than the second friend.

How is that possible?

Many writers get stuck in a painful pattern. 

Hard-working people (like my first friend) hit a plateau:

The follower count may rise, but…

They earn only $500-$1,200 per month.

$500 isn’t enough to feed a family.

It’s not enough to quit your job.

It’s not even enough to pay the mortgage.

Those committed to the writing dream look for solutions…

You seek out tactics to get more followers, subscribers, and customers.

What you find makes your stomach churn…

  • A quote from American DJ Howard Stern that says the best way to sustain success is to “be a prick…”
  • YouTube ads from a guy named Jeff, filming from his private yacht…
  • Douche-bros in your face on Twitter…
  • Pushy DMs in your LinkedIn…
  • Over-selling posts on Facebook…

It all seems so… fake.



You’re all for “reinventing yourself” as a writer, but this seems like too much.

You’re willing to learn.

You’re willing to work.

But all your options seem terrible.

Which do you pick?

  • A) Quit the job prematurely and hope things work out.
  • B) Surrender your writing dreams and march back to your little home office.
  • C) Sacrifice your self-respect and start selling like a douche-bro.

It’s an impossible choice.

But… those aren’t the only choices.

The secret is… authenticity gets the best results.

You probably read that sentence and thought “That’s BS. I am authentic honest, but I’m still not seeing the results that I want.”

That’s because when you ask a reader for something — to follow you, to subscribe to your list, to buy your book or online course — you need a different type of writing altogether.

It’s a type of writing called copywriting.

Copywriting is the skill of persuading readers to take action. 

Many brilliant bloggers write terrible copy.

This isn’t their fault, really.

Nobody teaches it to you when you start writing online.

You just take to the Internet and hope people find you. You hope your work will “speak for itself.” Sadly, hope doesn’t make sales. It doesn’t even make subscribers.

And your work can’t “speak for itself” without the proper stage to stand on.

Copywriting builds the stage.

Copywriting is critical right now because…

…business is going remote, fast.

According to Gallup polls, nearly 60% of the total U.S. workforce is remote.

In the last 12 years, we’ve seen remote growth spike by 159%.

Fewer in-person conversations

It’s no coincidence good writers are taking over the world.

And you can do copywriting without losing your genuine voice

Many people resist copywriting because they don’t wanna be one of “those guys “

You know the ones…

Always spamming you about an offer you don’t care about.

Always screaming that their discount is vanishing.

Always giving less and less value and to get more and more money.

Always desperately grabbing at your attention at any cost, even if that means misleading headlines, half-true statistics, or flat-out false claims.

That’s what I like to call “the dark side of copywriting.”

There’s a “pure side” to copywriting as well. 

This is the side that’s based on honesty, integrity, and authenticity.

Some people teach manipulative hacks that work in the short term.

We don’t.

We focus on truthful copywriting that you can learn once and use until you’re old and gray. 

When you take this course, you obviously won’t regret what you buy…

But you also won’t regret the type of writing you’ll be asked to do.

Many copywriters are filled with shame.

Our copywriters are proud to share their work with their families.

The goal is to GIVE, even if you don’t GET.

The best sales pages can teach you as much as college-level textbooks.

When you learn our copywriting formulas and perform copywriting at the highest level, even the people who don’t end up buying from you will never forget learning from you.

The good news: if you learn the strategies, it’s impossible to be “bad” at copywriting

Most people assume that others are “naturally” good at selling.

That’s like saying some people can “naturally” figure the answer to 2+2. Or “naturally” figure out how to drive a car. Or “naturally” know to put underwear on before leaving the house.

The truth is, you were taught all of those things. Why? Because society said you needed these skills to thrive.

Today, you need copywriting to survive

“Work” no longer means “a pile of humans in one building.” The ability to persuade people through writing — whether that’s an email, a text message, a sales presentation — is critically important.

If you want to own your financial future in 2022 and beyond, copywriting is as important as math. It’s way more important than driving. It might even be more important than underwear.

A few hours studying copywriting often leads to exponential growth.

Writers can get subscribers and sales two, three, or even 10 times faster.

I’ve seen it happen.

You can “get lucky” with in-person sales, but you can’t with copywriting

Some in-person salesmen are blessed with incredible charisma.

Others are blessed with incredible good looks.

Still others are simply stubborn.

Genetics can help you make sales like Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street.

But when you’re copywriting….

Charisma disappears.

Good looks are invisible.

Pushy, stubborn, relentless messages are banished to the spam folder.

Copywriting is a tricky art that you can’t “luck” your way into.

I found copywriting through failure…

Before creating Badassery Academy, I tried to launch an online course three different times.

The first time, I made zero sales.

The second, I made three sales but refunded everyone out of disappointment.

The third time I got serious and I partnered with another creator.

I figured between the two of us, we could have enough clout to make hundreds of sales.

I was wrong.

We sold only two courses.

That disaster taught me a powerful lesson.

All the followers in the world can’t help you make sales

Read that again.

When trying to sell my first online course, I had nearly 100,000 followers. When I tried to sell it the second time, I had well over 150,000 followers. The third time? My partner and I had a combined 300,000+ followers.

None of that mattered in the end. More followers only left me more bitter.

In theory, my sales numbers should’ve shot upward. In reality, they stayed at rock bottom.

All of that changed when I learned the secrets of good copywriting.

Good copywriting means you don’t need millions of followers to make sales.

You might only need 1000 followers.

Or 500 followers.

Or 10.

Copywriting can be turned into a career in a (nearly) infinite amount of ways. 

Here are just a few examples…

  • You can use copywriting on a résumé to get hired at your dream company.
  • You can use copywriting on your book description to sell more copies.
  • You can use copywriting at your job to leverage a raise in pay.
  • You can use copywriting on your blog to get more email subscribers.
  • You can use copywriting as a service for clients, and then take a cut of their sales.
  • You can use copywriting on a sales page to win the business of more readers.
  • You can use copywriting at the end of your social media posts to get more followers, likes, comments, or shares.
  • You can use copywriting for Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon ads to create an endless ROI arbitrage.
  • You can use copywriting in 1 to 1 emails to get more clients
  • You can use copywriting in direct messages to close more deals without ever leaving LinkedIn.

The possibilities aren’t endless, but they’re close.

This course is probably NOT for you if… 

This course is definitely not a good fit for everyone. It would be silly of me to pretend it is.

This course is NOT for you if…

– You’ve been practicing copywriting for several years.

– You’ve written more “features,” “benefits,” and “value propositions” than you can count, and you’ve overcome more “objections” than you can remember.

– You’ve generated more than $100,000 in sales through copywriting.

If you check all those boxes, move along. I’ll see you in a different course.

This course is perfect for you if…

At this point, you’re probably wondering whether this course is a good fit for you.

Let me offer a few criteria.

This course IS for you if…

– You struggle to get subscribers to your email list.

– You can’t convince people to get a copy of your book.

– You don’t know how to sell that online course you made.

– You used to make sales over the phone, but now do it over messages

– You find sales pages nearly impossible to write

– You are just getting started writing and don’t want to waste time

– You want to work LESS and get MORE results.

Here’s Your Path to Making It Happen

Section 1 – The Copywriter’s Mindset
  • Lesson 1 – Watch This First to Build The Foundation (16:10)
  • Lesson 2 – Mastering the Copywriter’s Mindset (14:54)
  • Lesson 3 – How to Get Over Your Fear of Selling… For Life (22:08)
  • Section 2 – Four “P’s” to Get You Paid
  • Lesson 4 – Prepare: What is Your Main Promise? (37:55)
  • Lesson 5 – Prepare: What is The Main Pain You Are Solving (13:56)
  • Lesson 6 – Prepare: Why EXACTLY Should Someone Say Yes to You? (14:02)
  • Lesson 7 – Prepare: Why Might Someone Say “NO!” (33:24)
  • Lesson 8 – Personalize: Step Inside the Mind of Your Reader (25:18)
  • Lesson 9 – The Pitch: Part 1 (38:13)
  • Lesson 9 – The Pitch: Part 2 (43:03)
  • Lesson 10 – Probe Your Results to Get Better Fast (13:47)
  • Section 3 – Add Spice to Your Bland Copy
  • Lesson 11 – 7 Ways to Generate Great Copywriting Ideas (22:11)
  • Lesson 12 – How to Change Bad Copy Into Great Copy (32:36)
  • Bonus Video Lesson – What the heck is a “named oddity?” (13:32)
  • Bonus Resource – Master Copywriting Worksheet

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Tim Denning - Six-Figure Copywriting for Writers


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